Invent Software Engineer from within yourself

A unique transformative education for
Computer Science students.


A unique transformative education for
Computer Science students.

Invent Software Engineer in yourself


Believe in Progress

Our faculty is filled with top industry experts who help our students achieve excellence in what they build.

World-class Research

We facilitate world-class research for our students and allow them ask difficult questions. Where technology is heading? Our sophisticated training aid them build an elegant answer.

Quality Champion

Obsession to delivering quality education is really drives our motto. Because we have top engineering talents in our team teaching the students, it gets easy.

About us

Xware Labs is a unique vocational training institute that contributes to the technical community, helps students realize their potential and guide them to achieve what they dream.

We have exceptaionaly designed curriculum focusing sole on what matters most to the career of our students.

Our instructor is a respectable icon in teaching technology. He works at the world's biggest software company with 10 years in design, development, and architecture. He also holds Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards.

Frequently Asked

Who is this course for?

If you are a student of Computer Science or equivalent or at least knows one programming language wanting to kick off your career with a big bash, even aim for companies like Microsoft/Google, this course is perfect for you.

What do I get from it?

You will be transformed from a coder into an industry-ready Software Engineer in 4 weeks. This hands-on course in a classroom setting will give you exposure into real life software development scenario. Out tailor-cut approach will make you strategize your next 5-year career plan.


When are you starting?

We are going to start our first class on March 2015.


We are a high-tech vocational training institute looking out to the future and helping you build experiences that may essentially change people's lifestyle.

Our Campus

Crystal Palace, SE (D) 22, Road Number 140
Dhaka, Bangladesh